Barack Obama has a unique love on TAG Heuer Watches

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Barack Obama has a unique love on TAG Heuer Watches Empty Barack Obama has a unique love on TAG Heuer Watches

Post  fitch65221023 on Thu Aug 21, 2014 9:23 am

Barack Obama has a unique love on TAG Heuer Watches

American newly selected president, Obama, has a unique love to the wristwatches of TAG Heuer Watches, and it’s not Breitling Watches, rolex or omega. In the process of American president selection, he casually rolled up the shirt sleeves, exposing the TAG Heuer wristwatch. From this image, we can see more of his personality. Like this kind of submariner wristwatch with great function, he is a doer with the spirit of adventure.

Few political leaders like Barack Obama, the president of the United States; even in the fashion field, he can also be the hottest star. This new idol who declared that he just has five sets of suits and four pairs of shoes is also confused with phenomenon. Besides the pants with ten years history, the Serie 1500 Two-Tone Diver wristwatch bought in early 90s of last century is also precious for him. This watch has accompanied him for fifteen years, witnessing how his classical American dream became true. From the perspective of some people, the dressing style of the new owner of White House is more dynamic than his predecessor. It’s not surprising that his wristwatch is more extravagant than the Timex (the cheap electronic watch) of the predecessor.

TAG Heuer is proud of its position as an explorer. At the instant when it created history, it also invited many Hollywood stars and famous sports generals as its representatives including the world’s No.1 golfer, Tiger Woods, WTA tennis champion, Maria Sharapova, the winner of F1 Race in 2008, Lewis Hamilton. However, Obama loved the TAG Heuer wristwatch much earlier than them.

Sebatien Rytz, the director of the Swiss market, marked that Obama has the same recognition on value with TAG Heuer, but it doesn’t mean that TAG Heuer is completely depoliticized. Avant-garde, decisive and competitive spirit is always our pride.

It proves a fact that it isn’t a necessity to show man’s elegant taste and temperature by spending a large amount of money to chase the fashion trend. Just like a person, he doesn’t need to show his muscle, but he can make people understand his power. The source of charm is precipitation undergoing the vicissitudes of life, namely, the calmed mind, wise and bold thinking and decisive determination. The constant pursuit of innovation, excellence, performance and reputation, and the goal to climb higher are what TAG Heuer respected and inherited. The American President, Obama, and other image representatives of TAG Heuer are interpreting the unique quality of TAG Heuer with their excellent performance. Dignity and being extraordinary achieve preeminence.


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